Friday, May 12, 2017


Written, Edited & Directed By: Kevin Smith 
Cinematography By: James Laxton 

Cast: Harley Quinn Smith, Lily Rose Depp, Johnny Depp, Justin Long, Sasheer Zamata, Tyler Posey, Adam Brody, Ashley Greene, Austin Butler, Tony Hale, Natasha Lyonne, Vanessa Paradis, Haley Joel Osmet, Genesis Rodriguez, Jason Mewes, Ralph Garman, Stan Lee, Kevin Smith, Kevin Conroy, Robert Kurtzman, Jack Depp, Jennifer Schwalbach Smith 

Two teenage yoga enthusiasts team up with a legendary man-hunter to battle with an ancient evil presence that is threatening their major party plans.

This is a film that is purely made for Friends and family of the director. As thstbis who the film plays more too and would enjoy. As most cast members seem to be either Kevin smith's friends or family or somehow connected to Johnny Depp. As their children star in the film and the cast is filled out by their wives or children's mothers as well as former cast members of Kevin smith films.

It's a film that I am shocked was released to the public and not some sort of private film, but as a showcase for their daughters talents and certain names in the cast. It could obviously. Make money it was released. Though I can't totally complain as this was more self released and it obviously didn't cost much and it comes off as a labor of love for these young ladies. It is only shocking that they would all work on a film with a script so ridiculous.

The film seems to be a satirical comedy about Canadian culture that also happens to disguise itself as a female teen comedy that hardens back tot he 80's though set in modern day. As the film pretty much is all over Kevin smith's fascination with Canada. Though it comes off more as hacky than well thought out or witty.

I can see this film also as something maybe Kevin Smith completist if. It fans would watch. I don't know if they would necessarily enjoy it. As the film like his previous film MALLRATS. Seems written for a certain audience but might appeal to an audience he didn't expect. Not necessarily only the stoners. (Who this film will definitely appeal to and seems Like it might have been written a little under the influence at times) As MALLRATS was more written to appeal to high school aged teenagers. As it was rated R. They couldn't go to see it and more discovered it on DVD and home video. Though it did get him more of a college age audience. This film seems built more to appeal once again to teenagers and rightfully it is PG-13 though except for some subject matter and language. It seems it would appeal more to Pre-teens. As the film is brightly colored throughout the jokes seem self referential and silly more than well thought out and the constant importance of smartphones throughout with the adult actors having to explain references part of the time and even the film introducing characters with information that more seems like an online profile with comments.

The film has Johnny Depp as a supporting character. Reprising his role as Guy LaPointe from TUSK. Which this film references many times as the Colleen characters were bit characters in that film. As this is connected to that film. The second in a planned trilogy of Canadian films. Depp here has the same make-up even though his character looks Older and oddly seems to resemble Zach Galafinakis to a degree. Here half of the humor of his character is his ridiculous accent that seems to want to be like inspector clouseau from the PINK PANTHER films. Like columbine he seems inept but then seems to be the only one to discover things. Part of the humor of the role is that in Each scene and even in different set ups his facial moles seem to keep moving to a different part of his face. It is obvious Johnny Depp his having fun here as he gives it his all in silliness. Sort of like how when he played on 22 JUMP STREET the series he had a weakness for buster Keaton type silent physical comedy that all seemed to come out in his performance in BENNY & JOON. Here he seems to still have the loony humor of his role from TUSK in his system. Either that or really into creating his own pink panther Esque character.

I am a Self admitted Kevin Smith fan form the beginning and as his films for me have become toe disappointing from a personal standpoint. He seems happier making films now and seems to actually put in more focus and work. Even if they seem to have less investment in their returns. Watching him over the years has been almost like seeing a friend or at least a peer find success. Which I believe is part of his and his films personal appeal. Though as we all grow up and our tastes changes. His seems to have had some changes but pretty much has stayed the same only changing with the times and references.

More power to him. Though the film has an audience that will like it. I am Unfortunately or part of that audience it seems anymore. Though I still admire him, I believe to a certain degree he believes his own hype which has kept him confident in making films. It might have even brought back a certain passion for him in making them. As he seemed more reserved to rest on his laurels and podcasting community before making more of a stronghold in making films again and directing in general. As before he was making the rounds and gaining quite an audience more as a raconteur. I have to reluctantly say I wouldn't recommend this film.

The film is likeable and goofy in it's charm. I can't hate the film. Though I do wish there was more thought into it.

The film has so many recognizable actors that half the fun is seeing which roles they will play in this film. All of them usually comedic and over the top silly. Like the return of Justin Long in a different role as the girls yoga teacher. Who is a yogi (cue plenty of yogi bear jokes) The film is full of energy and knows what it is and not exactly who it's playing for but seems to want to entertain itself. It's willing to join anybody else who wants to bask in it's glory. As it is a film that is open. It's just so screwy and over the top. It doesn't want to be open to interpretation. It announces what you see is what you get. There isn't any depth here so take us for what we are and if you don't Like it, too bad.

Which impresses with it's rebelliousness. It has a devil may care attitude and will probably only appeal to a certain size of an audience. It's Comfortable with that. So no matter what I might say or write about it here. Doesn't really matter as it is expected. This film seems to go for the kind of energy of JAY & SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK with it being a reunion of past cast members and non-sensical to a degree

As far as story there is nothing too much to talk about. As the main themes are yoga, Canada, music, cell phones, nazis, Satan worshippers and brautwurst. Though as recently he has seemed to actual have more of a visual style. This is one of smith's film with the more impressive camerawork and more mainstream editing and production.

Unfortunately while the humor he takes more for witty comes off more sophomoric. I hope that is what he was aiming for. 

Grade: F

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