Thursday, May 11, 2017


The show is harder to syndicate as there are fewer episodes. But the episodes are better. Get better budgets and look better die to the lower order.

Giving them a power that helps to keep them in your memory and therefore last longer. Though they are usually only as good in in edited cable form. As it seems when they do get syndicated and must get cleaned up for television they lose what makes them special and end up not being as popular. Though that seems to happen less and less due to subscription services such as Hulu and Netflix 

Flashbacks more on personal reflection that hint at the crimes they were locked up for. Instead if fully leading on to the crimes they are locked up for as they did in the past has always made most of the characters human. Ends on a note that makes another's characters fest come true and give a certain character some thing to do or some kind of meaning that isn't earned. So the moment isn't as compelling as it should be.

There is some grey matter as one character causes another's death but there should be someone else implicated though that person seems to get off Scot free even by the other characters who were there.

Try to make Piper more interesting as she was supposed to be our eyes into the system and now corns across as more a comedically flawed naive character who perfectly represents white privilige. 
More characters this season. Some left behind others move more to the forefront, but has the weakness of some characters feeling like means to an end. They feel like filler but are made to repent how flexible mo darts can change when under pressure.

This season seems more cruel and heartbreaking is it life or the need to be more serious then last year and make this one more noteworthy?

As the season is more dire, dangerous and a bit more focused, Departure from last season that felt lighter after the dark season 2. Wondering if every season will be tragic and more dark from here on in. As long as it doesn't suffer the weeds syndrome of going to far off base that it barely resembles the show it was. Shows must grow and will show the pains of experimenting, but not to lose the focus in the meaning and hair for the sake of ratings that is reserve the characters and make no sense. That make you question what show you are watching as it gets lost In It’s own quirk. See ALLY MCBEAL for an example, but that is because maybe the show runner loses heir focus or is focusing on a new project and leaves it to others while still overseeing still good to ok but not as sharp and the passion is lost. As really only the creator sometimes the one who made it come to fruition and believed in it can keep it going. 

Like last season wisely cut pipers pov as much and family and friends. A Dilemma that really more gave Jason Biggs acting opportunities. Though they were supposed to represent the outside real world. Now we stay more indoors with the characters and occasionally see the regular world through other characters or the prison staff. 

This season is certainly more memorable then Season 3

Now you have familiar characters becoming cruel villains. Though the prison staff seems to more be cast in that role. Though they come off more stereotypically like worse versions of season 1 pornstache. Though for the others going through crisis or change we see the reasoning and adds dimension to their characters and shows they are more than two dimensional and their behavior is different then what you might have become accustomed to. Had to get tougher to tighten the scenes amazed some of the places the characters go.

As if it stayed the course would be a quirky dramedy about life in prison with no stakes where we know everyone for the most part and the consequences are nil as we watch one hilarious situation to the next. more cast members some have to go sometime.  

Though we had a death this season. it seemed a means to an end to start a spark that would give the show a reason for the cliffhanger ending. Even if that ending seems like a partial cop out by giving a character who we hardly saw. All of a sudden a dramatic arc that might end in revenge with a character she had no real contact with. Though the death gives the season something noteworthy and changes the tide.

Especially with the hateful characters of the new guards who are evil and inept with no real shadings. Though at least the season decided to get tough and show both good and bad in most characters that show most of them as just human.

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