Thursday, May 11, 2017


When it comes to Jared Leto watching him play the joker in the movie SUICIDE SQUAD. It seems more like he is trying to play a new millennium gangster in classic 1930’s James Cagney type style only with a costume or makeup. Now I know one performance shouldn’t make me question a whole career or his choices, but it occurred to me to take a look back at some of his more noted performances. As he isn’t necessarily a bad actor and he seems to try to put an original spin on his characters though to tell you the truth while he immerses himself into his roles and does the research. Is his immersion so deep at times that we don’t recognize him or it. As it just seems natural if he isn’t playing a specific type that calls attention to itself? Maybe he is more like a model then an actor he looks the part and seems to be the part but the director knows how to edit and use him so that the acting seems more noticeable and impressive.

So that when he does a role like the joker. He is so used to immersing himself. This is one of the times more his look or the costume/outfits he wears does the work for him. As it is already outrageous so all he has to do is his lines. I mean look at his character in movies like PANIC ROOM and CHAPTER 27 where you are more shocked and impressed by his appearance and look more then necessarily his actual performance which seems to be doing what it is supposed to do. Sort of like his role in the movie PREFONTAINE, one of his first big screen roles where he inhabits a real life character who died young and who none of us really know to compare or base his performance on. It could be with this role he was trying to impress and so he had copied the same preparation ever since. Because if you look at his roles in movies such as LORD OF WAR and even REQUIEM FOR A DREAM. Not only is he not part of what might be noteworthy but also barely registers other than doing what the part requires, but he looks good doing it.

So it begs the question are some actors only props it tools for the director that they have to nurture and manage To achieve their vision or is it true collaboration.

Also i will say with all these set photos there seems to be a wealth of cut scenes with him in SUICIDE SQUAD. That could be it’sown short film. that sadly seems like we will never see. Unless incorporated into a future film like Marlon Brando outtakes in SUPERMAN REBORN.

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