Saturday, December 20, 2014


Directed By: Paul Middleditch 
Written By: Chris Matheson 
Cinematography By: Robert C. New 
Editor: Melissa Bretherton 

Cast: Anna Kendrick, John Francis Daley, Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry, Ana Gasteyer, John Michael Higgins, Paul Scheer, Tyler Labine, Rob Huebel, Ken Jeong

The rapture has happened and Lindsey, her boyfriend Ben and their families have been left behind, doomed to endure torture on Earth. A former politician named Earl Gundy, now known as The Beast, is the Anti-Christ. But when The Beast decides he wants to take Lindsey as his wife, Lindsey and Ben most come up with a plan to defeat the Anti-Christ.

This is a world that would be fun and exciting to explore. There are so many ideas flooding through the film. It's hard for the central story to stay interesting. Which you have seen before and becomes basic. So that all the ideas around it soon are more interesting.

It's a fun movie that manages to do much with it's low budget. Though all the cast are game the film seems a bit low energy and more like a skit that goes on long.

It's a film that will test your enjoyment of the film. As you will be tested by your feelings about the actors. If you like the actors. I believe you will enjoy the film. As their comedic strengths and charisma is on display.

The cast give energetic though knowingly sly performances.

Craig Robinson gives a spirited performance like a privileged successful used car salesman. Who just happens to be the Anti-Christ.It would be too easy to write the film off just as the only minority member of the cast really plays the anti-christ and all the other characters being cucasiancould be read the wrong way and feeding into certain fears and stereotypes. the film is truly too silly for any of that

Anna Kendrick her wit on display with a sense of adventure in her expressions as she is willing to be the smart one surrounded by all the stupid silliness.

The film has the spirit and energy that I wish more deadpan comedies that try to overreach and create a universe or at least a world to aspire for. The film hs a fun inventive spirit.

The structure seems off like other storylines were cut to focus on The central one. This seems like it has enough material to be an epic. Though it does it's best with it’s limited resources not very visual. With a pales cast of comedic veterans.

It's a fun romp that feels fun and never tries to overshoot it's intention or aim. It feels like a feature length skit.

I can see why the performers were attracted to the material

It exposes why Anna Kendrick is a sex symbol more for the thinking man nerds, geeks as intellectuals. Their femme-fatale. She has a singular beauty that sneaks up on you. Where she looks common but the more you get to know the characters. she plays her personality, talent, wit and appeal. Let themselves be showcased.

The film plays to her strengths and shows she has a sense of humor taking a break from the more serious films and roles. Quite fetching and intellectual femme fatale

The running joke towards the end with the guns is a particular highlight

Grade: C+

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