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Directed By: Dennis Dugan 
Written By: Allan Loeb & Timothy Dowling 
Based On The Screenplay “Cactus Flower” By I.A.L. Diamond 
Based on the stage play By: Abe Burrows 
Based on the French Play by: Pierre Barillet & Jean-Pierre Gredy 
Cinematography By: Theo Van De Sande 
Editor: Tom Costain 

Cast: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Nick Swardson, Brooklyn Decker, Kevin Nealon, Nicole Kidman, Dave Matthews, Rachel Dratch, Minka Kelly, Keegan-Michael Key, Mario Joyner, Heidi Montag, Andy Roddick, Peter Dante, Jonathan Loughran, Lori Huering

Danny must engage Katherine, his faithful assistant, to pretend to be his soon to be ex-wife. Danny must pretend that he is married, because he lied to his dream girl, Palmer the most gorgeous woman in the world. To keep the woman he loves, covering up one lie soon turns into many lies.

While better than GROWN-UPS. This film seems like a reason to film and vacation in Hawaii more than any real story needing to be told. It feels like a film that was more fun to work on. Then to sit through. Everyone in the film looks like they are having in. It's not like they had heavy material to work with.

The biggest Insult this film tries is thy it's almost an unofficial remake of a far superior classic film CACTUS FLOWER.

Here we get characters who are perfect for each other and it only took a dream vacation for them to realize it. Again This film plays to the cheap seats of being a family film with an edge. So supposedly adults can enjoy the film too, but in the end it's not worth it.

Adam Sandler's love interest is certainly easy in the eyes, but leaves her with no character to play. Really she is just there to be a wrench in the proceedings to set things in motion and to try and dislodge the activities for the plan to work. She isn't believable at all as in some scenes she is incredibly smart and sharp or made to be. Then is easily gullible even the situation that sets this all up is pretty weak.

The film begins with a classic Sandler film humor. A little broad bit seems like it's on the right track, but as soon as he meets he woman of his dreams it's downhill.

Dave Matthews takes the requisite celebrity supporting role usually filled by Steve Buscemi. Plus there is a co-star who surprises with her appearance. It’s made to be a cameo role, but feels like a full supporting one. I can see why he star did it as they need to be in a hit, but they are totally unnecessary other than the fact of can you believe who they got to be in this film. It's not really a showcase role as does the actor really bring anything to the role.

Worst of all the film just reeks of effort when it comes to jokes as comedic situations as everyone is pretty laid back except for Nick Swardson who is force to do all the stupid broad comedy work with a character who is portraying another character who no one would take seriously for a second.

Adam Sandler has clearly lost his edge or has pulled it low as his characters never get crazy or angry anymore. They stay calm and are usually the center of coolness. Who are well off financially. He used to play working class slackers. He also tends to not ever wear anything from the wardrobe department as he seems like he comes dressed from home in the same outfits.

This is his second remake behind MR. DEEDS

The audiences for this I know realize it's predictable and it will be no classic, but do they really expect to be surprised by something in this or anticipate the same old thing In new packaging and different dynamics. The film even has a side plot only a friend forced to play another alias due to only using a prop and and accent. That just equals cheap humor and jokes.

At this point it's a shame that we have to look at Adam Sandler's early films as his best his renaissance as at least back then he seemed involved and to put up an effort when it came to his films.

Now they seem like either working vacations or like he is on snooze patrol. Before what excited his audience was his energy and his down to earth over the top quality. Now he seems like he has just been awakened from a nap and just wants to get the scenes over with to go back to sleep. He also seems more like a bully in his films then before. Rather than the innocent victims of yesteryear.

It the almost like he is mad at his audience for putting him in this position. He seems to be going through the same position as Eddie Murphy once great and hilarious though now seem to hardly put up the effort. Though you can see little glimpses of the talent and charisma on display.

If you are a Sandler completeist wait for television if not skip it.

Grade: D+

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