Friday, July 14, 2017


Throwing out a crazy pitch to VH1. As with the success of the film STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, ALL EYEZ ON ME. As well as the RATINGS success of TV movies on music groups TLC. Plus on The lifetime channel constantly getting huge ratings for backstage stories about subjects as WHITNEY HOUSTON, ALLIYAH and the casts of FULL HOUSE and SAVED BY THE BELL.

I bring you the next ratings winner. The behind the music story of C & C MUSIC FACTORY.

I know I can’t be the only person who has pitched this. So I am not trying to take credit for being original, but look at the factors of how & why this might be successful.

It would border on the line of no one can believe someone made a story about it and curiosity on how it is handled. So there would be come comedic elements but plenty of drama. Think the MC HAMMER story. Here we have the story of two producers who do all of the major work of putting the music together. Though realize they won’t sell on their own. As two middle aged not exactly hip and young producers. Realize how the market it and what sells. So they get an dancer who can rap to almost act as a front man more the face of the group as he is young, hip, handsome and In Shape. They hire a model to be supposedly the singer. Who lip synchs the vocals of Martha Walsh . How they rose with the success of their songs and really one particular single and the hardships to follow it up even though they had other hit singles, (things that make you go HMMM, they had the unsuccessful second album. Freedom Williams left the group, Though they had one more hit single (KEEP IT COMING) It was without freedom and Zelma Davis Their downfall and even include when Freedom Williams independently later trademarked the name and performs under the name of the group.(Which is interesting, Especially considering how the top photo is credited)

Where they had to face accusations of being another MILLI VANILLI (note: another story ripe for a movie version. Talk about drama and tragedy, as well as ratings success.) After it was revealed Zelda Harris was more there as a model and eye candy to the vocals of Martha Walsh. Who was never featured in videos and eventually sued for credit & Funds. Plus seeming to be ok with the aftermath, but being haunted by it until individual self destruct.) As we see them rise to the top. The royalty situations, the rampant egos. The truth coming out. We see them fall, the disappointment in fans who believed in them and trying to get on with their lives with this drama following them. Until a reunion of sorts when one producer David Cole dies of complications from aids.

Trust me I believe they will want the checks and remind people of their legacy. It’s nostalgic plus will help them bring about a karaoke revival of their songs. As already trying to do one is more of a group effort. I know from personal experience.

I smell a ratings winner. It’s vintage universal yet urban. With plenty of crossover appeal. The 90′s are in and this was a major group of that time period. I mean the fashions alone could start an ironic trend. Look at the surprise blockbuster success of NEW EDITION. Not necessarily an uplifting story, but one with plenty of drama and behind the scenes intrigue to how the stories behind the hits. As well an artifact from the near past.

Plus could sell it as a companion piece to the MILLI VANILLI story.

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