Thursday, February 9, 2017

ROMANCE (1999)

Written & Directed By: Catherine Breilliat 
Cinematography: Giorgos Arvanitis 
Editor: Agnes Guillemot 

Cast: Caroline Ducey, Sagamore Stevenin, Francois Berleand, Rocco Siffredi, Ashley Wanninger 

Although deeply in love with her boyfriend - and indeed sleeping in the same bed with him. A schoolteacher cannot handle the almost complete lack of intimacy he will allow. Increasingly frustrated, she gradually finds her sexual appetites leading her into ever more risky situations, including a developing one with the headmaster.

Come for the spectacle, stay for the ? It is really up to you if you choose to watch this because of reputation or spectacle. Though of you choose to complete it I can't say you won't be sorry as it is an interesting experiment. That might grind the film to more depth than one will initially saw In it. As the situation is a unique one in the first place.

The film involves a bunch of philosophy on sex with the added gimmick of showing actual intercourse that itself plays like an artful porno film with glimpses of naturalism. That leads up to what certain audience members might want to see in terms of action. As well as a bunch of discussion before you get to it and sometimes even during the action set pieces.

Though then again most relationships have their own sets of rules and definitions. Then again the sex is romantic or an intimate moment. Unlike a porn which is focused more on the act and fantasy.

The film is well shot and better paced. Lending it more to reality.

As she seems to seek pleasure, but also in a sense punish herself and see herself as guilty to a degree for what she seeks for wanting it more as a result of not getting what she wants but also not guilty as there is a reason for her behavior.

The film is more adult in it's presentation and execution then other films which seem to sensationilize it. As even in her day to day life she is finding excuses to explain her behavior or lack of confidence.

Luckily it never quite feels like a dirty movie more a philosophical, emotional approach whose demeanor is cold and matter of fact that tries to be more sensual and erotic but still manages to feel cold and direct.

One of the more stronger French sensibility films. The film offers some surprises that are not usually in films like watching Caroline Ducey’s Character her reaction to getting turned on as she tries to resist another lothario played by Francois Berleand best known Ronnie at least for playing the comedic relief of the inspector in the TRANSPORTER films.

As she seems to try different migrate and different types of sex and intimacy as we watch them go through each aspect.

We get to see glimpses of her normal life and I know the story is centered around this subject. I only wish the film didn't make it seem like that was the only thing she has or cares about as we only get to know her or her thoughts during these encounters though the film is a character study of sorts in the main character.

Though the film fells more lien a diatribe or personal thesis for director Catherine BreIlliat who had tackled this type of brutally charged material before and since. Numerous times in films such as A REAL YOUNG GIRL, FAT GIRL, ANATOMY OF HELL --Though she would seem a natural to direct FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY. Don't know if she could have made a universal mainstream movie out of it. A more realistic version as she lacks the desire to play up the more sensationalistic elements as well as shining a light on the more realistic aspects of the story.

Even though she might just be happier breaking up with her boyfriend. As the dating scene doesn't appear to be that bad.

As she also see's sex as a punishment for having desire it seems. Though will defend herself at each turn throughout. The film nor it’s characters are Not as simple to put into words.

When a wild sexual experiment turns violent is so casual and feels expected. That it isn't out of place, but more shows a dark side to her attempts at liberation. As it is an encounter that starts off as consensual then turns into rape.

The sexual scenes are so quick that they feel natural but far from erotic just as she wears the white dress of an innocent in her initial encounter put a red dress that gives off a more experienced vibe. When it comes to the guy into domination. Which also seem to be the longest (prolonged) scenes of the whole film. So we see each aspect and detail.

As well as indicating she has. Even violated and. Ore indoctrinated in her beliefs as well as them seeming to have no friends.

The film even offers a new way of looking at a doctors visit as a non-Sexual gang bang. By having more and more people come in to look and witness a woman’s private parts while being given a pelvic exam

Though the action seems to be the only interesting aspect as it is the only time something happens.

It is much more graphic then other films with real Intercourse at least as far as gynalogical details. It seems to revel a bit in sensationalizing then making that same shock seem more everyday and ordinary The grizzly ending that comes out of nowhere that seems cruel yet just mad enough to a degree to fit the rest of the film


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