Saturday, September 10, 2016


Directed By: David Mackenzie 
Written By: Kim Fupz Aakeson 
Cinematography By: Giles Nuttgens 
Editor: Jake Roberts 

Cast: Ewan McGregor, Eva Green, Stephen Dillane, Connie Nielsen, Ewan Bremmer, Denis Lawson

An odd epidemic appears across the globe: people suddenly lose one of their senses. At first, it's an outbreak of loss of smell. It's often presaged by a destructive temper tantrum. In this mix are a scientist and a chef - she's Susan, one of a team trying to understand the epidemic; he's Michael, charming and engaging. Susan and Michael begin a relationship in the middle of increasing chaos, as the loss of other senses plagues more people and as civil authorities try to maintain order. Susan's voice-over reflections provide insight. Is love possible in such a changed world? Can anything make perfect sense? a romance set as the world crumbles around the two leads.

This seems to be a tale more about intimacy, dressed in an apocalypse tale.

Which it seems is what director David Mackenzie always brings to his films. Always exploring sex and sensuality it seems of intimacy in different genres that are usually downtrodden, extreme and almost tragedies.

This is the first one of his films I have seen that comes the past to being truly romantic. As the others seem more about lost love or making up for lack of it. After his last film SPREAD that seemed more about shock and excess, which it being set In Los Angeles might have been the point. As he tends to use atmosphere and location to help set the tone to his advantage as a director. It also helps to be his guide to help shape the story. Even as originally written it was supposed to take place in denmark

An aspect of the storytelling that works here is his use of what looks like home video footage. All Around the world. Including it to help show the global results of the deteriorating conditions. While also focusing the story on a few characters, but really a couple in the middle of it. So instead of a grand view always and the results we get a more up close and personal view.

The story focuses on one character trying to do research and find a cure. Though that would be the focus of a black tier type film. It helps inform but we never get the miracle cure. The other character is more a regular character being. Affected we see how it affects his work and what they are forced to deal with. The film explores the passion and a view of what happens when we must depend on our basic natural abilities, when our sense begin to fail us one by one. As usually you can depend only he others but what happens when the others start to fail you too. What we are left to go and deal with to survive. How to feel anything or have anything feel special again. Including ourselves. What seperates us from one another makes us feel or be special making us standout to others. Though at times the film feels more clinical then as involving as it maybe should. Like the romance is more a performance or window dressing then passionate. It's also a film where the score seems to work overtime to set the mood. At least it is pleasant and not distracting. Though it does slowly take over the film. It makes you believe and think what would happen, As all falls apart, as we lose our ability to communicate with those around us. We can easily lose our own understanding of self and those around us.

The actors look Like her both stepped out of a designer perfume ad, but sell their performances fully. Even if they seem more mannered then passionate. While the relationship between the he two is begun and eventually affected by the circumstances. it also can be seen as the crisis being reflective or parallel to a romantic relationship.

As once communication breaks down all seems lost as it gets worse, but there might be hope for survival of you learn to deal with the issues after the initial panic and falling out. You might not know how to react due to never experiencing anything like it before. Though you learn not only how to deal, but also how to flourish ago an with the limited abilities. That happiness can still exist and understanding it is still available. You just have to work at it and accept there is no Nicole long term cure.

Also that when in love as the world falls to pieces around you. You and your chosen one are so in love you inhabit your own little world that feels so seperate that while you can acknowledge what is going on around you. You choose to not let it affect what is going so well. So you feel Like in a trance and under a spell until you are truly forced to deal with true life.


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