Saturday, June 25, 2016

BAD NIGHT (2015)

Directed By: Chris Riedell & Nick Riedell 
Written By: Daniel Kinno 
Cinematography By: Nico Van Den Berg 
Editor: Ed Yonaitis 

Cast: Jenn McAllister, Lauren Elizabeth Luthringshausen, Owen Smith, Casey Wilson, Matt Walsh, June Diane Raphael, Jack McBrayer, Julianna Guill, Judy Marte, Molly Ringwald, Eric Edelstein, Adam Pally, Jim O’Heir, Eddie Peppitone, Dan Levy

When Kate and Abby are mistaken for famous art thieves, their fun night out quickly goes from good to bad.

First feature film for YouTubers Jenn McAllister (JennxPenn) and Lauren Elizabeth.

I will admit that his film is a total guilty pleasure. That I discovered late at night when I might not have been in the best frame of mind and just wanted desperately to be entertained and laugh.

Though upon watching it again I can admit it's far from good, but it is entertaining and somewhat fun. As long as you are not looking for quality.

The two leads are engaging and energetic even if at times they seem Wooden and on their own comedic rhythm which don't necessarily work a lot.

Apparently the two leads are YOUTUBE stars they have a great chemistry and e edgy even if at towns they feel a little stiff but overdone their weaknesses slowly as the films goes along.

The film plays like a high concept teen comedy from the 1980's or even 90's though with a few modern conveniences.

One is always intrigued to find plenty of comedic talent seeming to take roles in these movies that are beneath their talents but probably helps pay the bills and gives them room to work their comedic training and skills. As well as padding their resumes and giving films like these a bit of star power to a degree.

The films humor is more sophomoric that at times it means you ashamed at how much you laugh and actually enjoy the stupidity.

Even as the cast seems to know better as the film gets a bit more serious towards the end. Which is a sharp change from earlier in the film which was more just silly and cheap.

The filmmakers seem to realize to give the films scenes over to the comedic veterans once in awhile as they know how to make the film more entertaining and indulge in the ridiculousness. Where as the two leads are goofy but not as strong as the other performers. So the film focuses on the supporting cast as much as the leads.

The pair of female assassins in the film who are the ones who have the mistaken Identities are the only serious characters and kind of drag the film in a weird direction as there are jokes but their characters are played more humorlessly.

The film almost plays out like a mad magazine movie. Though with female protagonists and not as much wit. The film has potential to be better but kind of works on it's own wavelength.

Feeling like a vanity project where the kids parents paid for them to have a movie starring themselves. Sort of like the single and video Friday by Rebecca black that was supposed to be so bad it was good. It wasn't, though this film is at least to me. Probably would never recommend it

On another personal note the actress who plays the character Kate (Lauren Elizabeth Luthringshausen) reminds me of an old junior high classmate they have the same look. So in a way this film plays like some kind of clean fantasy version of her in high school or a kind of adventure she might have had.

So I can watch it in a more spectacle and special way.

The film is enjoyable to a degree.

Though the scenes of the field trip group are funny and a particularly disgusting scene that is funny for all the wrong reasons. That I wish the film Would have stuck with the group a little more or longer. As their comedic dynamic actually works.

I will also admit the films works best when sticking the main stars and any scenes with Matt Walsh and the other recognizable comedic talent.

Grade: D

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