Friday, October 2, 2015


Directed By: John Simpson 
Written By: Jake Wade Wall 
Cinematography By: Mark Garrett 
Editor: David Handman & Chris Wilingham 

Cast: Katheryn Winnick, Laura Breckinridge, Kier O’Donnell, Tad Hilgenbrink, Jessica Lucas, Rena Owen, Kevin Gage

As retribution a psychopathic stalker known only as The Laugh attacks the now adult girls who picked on his sick childhood tendencies. Tabitha, Shelby and Lisa become the target of a madman with a serious adolescent grudge. A serial killer targets 3 young women randomly as he stalks hem and puts his plan into effect eliminating any and all who stand in his way.

This movie starts off typically then gets confusing before totally becoming incoherent.

The film seems like a lot of thought went into it as far as thrills and kills it uses a throwaway but workable story. We have seen used plenty of times and better. Then it just drops the ball. When it comes to other details especially writing an direction. That after awhile what the filmmakers think is exciting becomes tedious instead.

It took me 45 minutes just to finally figure things out and I still get it was stupid.

It just amazes me in these movies that somehow the psycho killer was smart enough to get release but is crazier then when he went in. Yet no one keeps tabs on them.

It's a shame because the action of good and full of up and comers, but for all their work they deserve better material. This film which had some promise at first. It's sadly just a waste of time. Other then showcasing a bunch of female up and comers.

Another problem is that the film is too dark. Not as in material or tone. No half the scenes it is actually hard to see what is happening. Which would be good if that was part of the films design. Which used it to it's advantage, but it doesn't so it hair seems unnecessary.

For me it's not that a film is a bad film. To me when it's bad and I mean totally horrible it fells like a sin almost an abomination. As I feel that just like people you might not like there has to be something of value in then something to like that is recognizable. Even with films I hate I try to see at least what maybe the film is going for or how a certain audience might dig it.

This film is not only weak it feels like an insult. A thriller thrown together with horror elements and an attractive cast. As none of the film seems original and seems more intent to fool it's audience rather than embrace or even entertain.

This film had a chance to introduce a. Genuine slasher Into the horror lexicon. Make a slasher film with some merit or maybe even a run of the mill one. The audience would know what to expect. Instead it seems like an investors movie where everything was decided by committee and to cash in on any cliche or fad that was popular in film.

Taking a chance to make something special and squandering it. Really cheating the audience.

I remember when young I was afraid of horror films. Once I got into my teens I tip toed into the genre with films like the child's play series as well as a nightmare on elm street and Friday the 13th movies and series as well as the odd Stephen King TV miniseries. Though later in life I delved quite deep and quickly into the genre in my early 20's really once scream came out I was hooked

I mean at the time of my early fascination films like man's best friend, Dr. Giggles, and ghost in the machine were the big releases that I can remember all disposable. One of the first horror films I remember paying for on my own was THE CRAFT and CANDYMAN: FAREWELL TO THE FLESH. By the appearance of the first scream movie I was hooked and was the gateway to an obsession.

I grew to appreciate these films and give each one especially the independent ones a chance as you never know when you might uncover a gem. This is just one of the pieces of trash that flood the marketplace with cliche and worse stand as an example of the Unoriginality of the genre. When a cash in is sought.

Grade: F

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