Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Directed By: Steve Pink 
Written By: Josh Heald 
Cinematography By: Declan Quinn 
Editor: Jamie Gross 

Cast: Rob Corddry Craig Robinson, Clark Duke, Adam Scott, Gillian Jacobs, Collette Wolfe, Christian Slater, Chevy Chase, Bianca Haase, Jason Jones, Kumail Nanjani

When Lou finds himself in trouble, Nick and Jacob fire up the hot tub time machine in an attempt to get back to the past. But they inadvertently land in the future with Adam Jr. Now they have to alter the future in order to save the past - which is really the present.

Why would I see this? Honestly I saw the first film in theaters and was surprised any how much I liked it. So once I saw the trailer for this one I figured let me give it a chance. Even with it's bad reviews. So I went with one of the only friends I knew was willing to watch this film. Though I knew something was up when John Cusack was one of the few cast members not to return. John Cusack stated he was never approached or asked to appear in this movie.

The movie was originally going to be titled Hot Tub Time Machine 3 as a joke about the time travel but the studio would not allow that, claiming it would be too confusing.

The first film in this series was a surprise that took the indie de who braved watching it off guard. With a title that sounds like an 80's late night film meshed with a fantasy scenario. That is exactly what you got bit sending up the clichés of the type of film it was. It was smarter and funnier while giving a hint of nostalgia for those of us who were older in the audience. So it was like the film SCREAM. What that did for horror. The original film did for teen sex comedies and time travel films only more comedic and starring more middle aged characters.

Especially by having a star that appeared in some of the better versions of those films John Cusack. Who seemed more willing to make fun of not only himself and his past but went with the movie making fun of itself. Following well known clichés yet making them their own. In that film ended up being surprisingly decent.

This film unfortunately plays the way you probably expect the first film to. Lazy, corny and most of the time unfunny with a strong masochistic, misogynistic feel and attitude. As all the female characters are more like dressing with little to do or just be desirable and take their clothes off. They feel just like lazy humor that seems aimed at the lowest common denominator. As I witnessed with some audience members who couldn't stop going off whenever there was nudity or a sex scene. Usually laughing the loudest like 12 year olds at offensive jokes that weren't even that funny or clever.

It also feels a little irresponsible I understand this is more a party type of film, but the films openness about recreational drug Abuse feels ill advised. As the amount of drugs at times seems to rival movies about junkies.

This seems more like a teen film for 14 year olds boys back before the Internet when they didn't see things like this hourly.

At least the first film had a certain strength that brings you back to watch this film. Here it feels more like they throw situations and comedy against a wall to see what sticks or like they just send the actors into scenes and situations and have them create jokes throughout.

The film feels not like a first draft but more of an outline of ideas and concepts with no real story and not a long one either more like a page of them.

It's only strength is the cast who seem ready to take on whatever is thrown at them. Though you get the sense they are less inspired. This gives the film a feeling of sadness that wasn’t intended. Even with all the energy the cast and filmmakers try to exude.

Rob Corddry while as usual funny. His character is so repulsive that he stops being funny and just the worst person in the world one you would think a villain in any other film.

Craig Robinson deserves better than this he has proved he can be funny and a leading man. Especially with the film PEEPLES. He needs to be given a chance to be more then the requisite black best friend roles. Even though he is a welcome presence in films even if the roles are minor.

Adam Scott is a welcome addition though I personally think he excels when suing a jerk, snarky or more villainous roles. Here is character is so innocent to an easily annoying degree. They the film seems to relish in punishing him. When it's not doing the same to Clark Duke who get more to do in this film and step into the spotlight more finally.

The weird thing is that the film spends all of it's time either trying to shock or set up shocking scenes. Then when it is time for the payoff it cops out and pedals away. Even though it builds up such dynamic envelope pushing. Which is a trend I find many films use which takes away it's promise of at least giving the audience what it advertised. Figuring if they give it slightly maybe the audience will have enough or forget.

Especially when it comes to a centerpiece of the film. Which involves a game show that sets up these high stakes then flushes them literally but keeps coming back to it in mentioning the results or after effects. Though the film is heavy with repeated jokes or keeps coming back to jokes about things clearly stated already so that it seems like it is kicking a premise when it's down or beating it as it is already a dead horse.

I won't lie there are a handful of scene that are funny. Thought this films battery seems to be it's more sophomoric humor and mean spiritedness.

For all the special effects the film Still Looks dingy and low budget. --The ending even feels like there isn't one and like it copied one of the ongoing gags of 22 JUMP STREET.

This premise has obviously run it’s course as this film tends to do with it's jokes. Hopefully there isn't another film as the chances seems slim as even the film uses most of those possibilities. Hopefully the cast can reunite for a better film. At least I enjoyed the company of my friend who I went to see it with. Who might have liked it only a tad bit more than I did

Skip it

Grade: F

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