Saturday, February 14, 2015

MISS DIAL (2013)

Written & Directed By: David H. Steinberg 
Cinematography By: Benjamin Kantor 
Editor: Nathaniel Atcheson 

Cast: Robinne Lee, Sam Jaeger, Jon Huertas, Sara Rue, Amanda Crew, Beth Grant, Gabrielle Union, Dule Hill, Samm Levine, Hill Harper, Molly Hagan

A consumer affair rep who works from her apartment decides to play hooky one day, and spends her time calling random people, looking for new connections.

This film could almost be a play that is the level of how much the film depends on dialogue. Which for me is a good thing.

This move revolves around one on one conversations and connections.

Most of the film is told through split-screen. It involves a central relationship that we get to see blossom. As well as her handling of other relationships, friendships and work once in awhile. This is all busted up with some lame jokes or humor that anyone who has worked in retail or the service industry can relate to.

The film catches you off guard with it's charm when you are convinced it's going to be a bunch of lame skits.

The film is predictable but sweet and has the courage to experiment away from the normal romantic comedy. It might not be the best bit has a can do spirit and is actually a fun movie.

I am glad that throughout the film we get cameos from recognizable character actors that add to the enjoyment as well as seeing actress Robinne lee graduating to a lead starring role. Here she manages to be beautiful, funny, charming vulnerable and emotional. She just makes it seem effortless.

I remember her from supporting roles in the films HAV PLENTY, HITCH, SEVEN POUNDS. In this film i think it will be hard for an audience not to fall for her.

Sam Jaeger is also good in his role. He is an actor, I don't remember seeing before, but examining his resume he has had quite a few good roles. He shows his skills here as he has an unexpected leading man quality that comes off as the nice boy next door quality

With so many familiar faces the film feels safe and warm like home.

The film is different not innovative in a universal sense, but for it's genre. It is an experiment that feels refreshing and makes the journey to the inevitable that much more entertaining.

This is a film with a familiar story told in a different more experimental way. Even while hitting familiar notes.


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