Saturday, November 22, 2014

TOMCATS (2001)

Written & Directed By: Gregory Poirier 
Cinematography By: Charles Minsky 
Editor: Harry Keramidas 

Cast: Jerry O’Connell, Jake Busey, Shannon Elizabeth, Jamie Pressley, Horatio Sanz, David Ogden Stiers, Bernie Casey, Amber Smith, J. Kenneth Campbell, Heather Stephens, Julia Schultz

Seven years ago, a bunch of friends make a bet that'll give the last remaining bachelor a ton of money. Now, after losing a ton of money at a Vegas Casino, Michael Delaney has to quickly get his friend Kyle married so that he can collect the prize money to pay back his debt.

These are the types of films that were playing weekly when I used to work at a movie theater and is probably one of the reasons I have actually watched this film more than once.

This is an ugly movie, sure as usual it has hot women, but only one seems to be a real fleshed out character the rest are either shrews, whorish, dumb fantasies or sexual playthings or all of the above.

Shockingly for such a heavily sexual film there is barely any nudity also

This film is about Jerry O'Connell, who is one of the last bachelors amongst his friends. They all decide to make a bet that the last bachelor would win a pot of money they all contribute to over the years. After a trip to Las Vegas. O'Connell finds himself in debt. So he figured the only way to pay it off is to win the pot, but his competition Jake Busey is nowhere near getting married even though he is more successful with the ladies. He only way Jerry figures to win is to find the girl who broke Jake's heart and have her seduce him at least into a quickie marriage and they will split the money, but of course Jerry falls for her.

Other then the heavy misogynistic attitude this film has with scenes where women are repeatedly abused and used as trash. Is that Jerry O'Connell our protagonist is so dumb it’s hard to feel anything for him or about him and his plight and Jake Busey is so loathsome not only is it hard to believe that he is so successful with women. It's hard to believe any woman would want to be with him. There are no redeeming values that he possesses.

The film is also gross out humorous for no reason like the ball scene in the hospital. Where Jerry has to chase and retrieve Jake's just removed ball.

It's a shame as the film has a good cast. It would have been good to use Janie Presley more as she is actually funny in this film.

Shannon Elizabeth's career was riding high from SCARY MOVIE and AMERICAN PIE when she made this film. It's a shame if this was one of the better scripts offered as she is dazzling in this in looks and talent, but is so much better than the film. And it's material. It seems she wouldn't be used to better extra until JAY AND SILENT BOB's She is actually one of the main reasons for my interest in watching the movie in the first place.

What is truly painful is that this is one of the last theatrical films that actor Bernie Casey ever appeared in. He might have played in some bad movies, but he deserved better than this to cap off his career. Who knows working on this film might have inspired his retirement

While the films main cast seems game for the material. The Veteran actors seem here only to cash a paycheck as they realize how poor the material is, yet this might be the best opportunities they are getting and it’s a quick paycheck.

Can't really tell if this was a lame attempt at a updated sex comedy, or just a typcal straight to video (at the time) material that got a bigger name cast then it dererved, As it plays like the crowd for it would be a frat house or a bro culture film.

Grade: F

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