Saturday, October 4, 2014


Directed By: Conor McMahon 
Written By: Conor McMahon & David O’Brein 
Cinematography By: Patrick Jordan 
Editor: Chris Gill 

Cast: Ross Noble, Tommy Knight, Gemma Leigh-Devereux, Thommas Kane Byrnes, Shane Murray Corcoran

The clumsy and unfunny clown Richard "Stitches" Grindle goes to the birthday party of little Tom and the boy and his friends play a prank with Stitches, tying his shoelaces. Stitches slips, falls and dies. Six years later, Tom gives a birthday party for his friends at home and the clown revives to haunt the teenagers and revenge his death.

This is more a film made for horror film fans then just your average film. It's hard to rate it in the same manner. It's trashy as each scene seems to have a to e of nastiness be it humor visuals or characters

This film feels like it is meant to fill the void of a Freddy Kruegerish type horror icon. Being gruesome an disgusting while having one liners as he kills teenagers. it also preys on the well know fear others have o clowns and uses it to it's advantage as most in this film Are dirty or creepy or both. They also never seem to exist out of their costumes or make up

The film is in bad taste with a lot of gore. Though it never is boring it's short running time helps. And the scenes that try to be shocking are obvious and feel like an attempt of trying too hard. Like the opening scene of the clown having sex not for any reason other the. To set the tone for the rest I the film It seems

It's foul and mean. I can see the rather thin reason why he wants his revenge though the film sets up characters that you get to like and enjoy and as they are dispatched you truly do feel sorry do them And sad to see them go. Also the deaths feels excessive, but that is why some watch horror and this film seems To go for broke in trying to make the deaths inventive. while only one feels justified. It isn't hard for you to sit and rationalize, that they were only kids and didn't want why happened to happen so the killer just feels cruel.

This film tries really hard to make an iconic horror character and I can’t fault them for it, though it seems more intent on making you laugh then actually instilling any fear. Though either way offers plenty of violence. Since the film wants you to kind of be on his side it's rather hard to side with him. Though the filmmakers hope like Krueger you will forget his horrible deeds. While you wait for them to happen and like him on personality alone.

The film tries at the very least to find reasoning in his resurrection

I can say it is competently made and as long as you don’t think too hard a lot of fun. Though a bit nasty.

It's interesting that the film tries to bring back the slasher genre. Even creating an indelible kind of mascot monster that reminds you of yesteryear horror superstars as Freddy Kruger and Michael Myers only here the monster is more comedic like Kruger in later films and is bent on revenge more then anything. Though has no qualms about killing innocents.

This is a series of films I wouldn't mind seeing as the film is Brisk, silly and fun while you watch. Of looking for hardcore horror skip. If looking for a fun horror that is kind of an homage. I don't think to will be too disappointed.

It's an o.k. rental as long as you know what you are getting involved in. It's junk food cinema a fun waste of time with little to no redeeming value.

Grade: C

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